Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Logo Design: Learn to Teach

Here's a selection of logos I created recently for a live competition brief called Learn to Teach by Social Web. It's a European project all to do with teachers learning how to teach via social media platforms (e.g. forums, blogs, twitter etc). It was noted that the project had been experimenting with the initials L2T; I found this one of the hardest logo's I've ever had to design, I think it was to do with the name and also purpose of the project, I lacked inspiration! 
In the end I never decided upon a particular favourite and sent this .jpeg; the brief was very vague and was left wide open for us to create any shape, style and colour and even the name, so I created loads! We find out who won soon so fingers crossed :) (the prize is a cheeky iPhone 5!).

Thursday, 14 February 2013

You and Me

Happy Valentines! Here's a couple of 'love' themed posters I've been working on recently; I aimed for something a little less typical valentines and a bit more retro! I personally think Valentines day is super cute and I never understand what the fuss is about with people constantly complaining! Commercially it isn't really any different to something like Christmas!

The left-side poster was created using the font Clutchee which can be downloaded here, and also a photo I've had hanging around for a while of charcoal from a garden bonfire. The right-hand poster represents a 'crazy in-love' feeling, and is a collegiate/gradient/graffiti inspired mix of type, with 'love you ♥' being the final message :)

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Sweet nothing

Our current graphics brief is all about self promotion and portfolio assembly. Who knew branding yourself was so hard!? Creating a good enough logo and finding a style to carry yourself with is a big commitment, and as a picky, perfectionist this may take me some time, and a billion rough ideas..

My current portfolio is quite literally a mix of whatever I've given a go (and turned out good)! Typographic posters, digital collages, scarf designs, editorials, etc. I think I need to do more tutorials to learn some new techniques; scary to think that 1 and a half years ago I probably couldn't have drawn a square on Photoshop and hadn't even heard of Illustrator (oops)!

The collage pictured above is when I believe I first cracked Photoshop. Our graphics tutor challenged us to create a collage made from/about anything, so I scanned in a couple of Vogue adverts and editorials and made this portrait! I wasn't aiming to make anyone in particular but doesn't it look a little like Lady Gaga??

Tuesday, 5 February 2013


I'm hannah (: 20 years young, a graphic design student, and I am completely new to the whole blogging thing! I love the fashion blogs of Amy Valentine and Llymlrs (: so I guess I've been inspired by them! Annd also my graphics tutor, who has insisted we have an online presence to show off our work! So here I am, hannah sweet, aspiring graphic designer ;)

First posts always seem a tad awkward as you obviously don't have many (any) followers yet! 
My aim for this blog isn't yet defined; I first discovered online blogging a few years back whilst searching for festival outfit ideas! And now the blogs I follow regularly are fashion, beauty, design and photography related, so perhaps that is the path I will choose! I've been inspired by so many blogs; they're great mediums for discovering and gaining inspiration for anything in life! From style, travelling, cooking etc etc, so hopefully I'll be able to inspire you lovely people out there (:

so for now I guess, welcome!