Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Logo Design: Learn to Teach

Here's a selection of logos I created recently for a live competition brief called Learn to Teach by Social Web. It's a European project all to do with teachers learning how to teach via social media platforms (e.g. forums, blogs, twitter etc). It was noted that the project had been experimenting with the initials L2T; I found this one of the hardest logo's I've ever had to design, I think it was to do with the name and also purpose of the project, I lacked inspiration! 
In the end I never decided upon a particular favourite and sent this .jpeg; the brief was very vague and was left wide open for us to create any shape, style and colour and even the name, so I created loads! We find out who won soon so fingers crossed :) (the prize is a cheeky iPhone 5!).

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