Thursday, 7 February 2013

Sweet nothing

Our current graphics brief is all about self promotion and portfolio assembly. Who knew branding yourself was so hard!? Creating a good enough logo and finding a style to carry yourself with is a big commitment, and as a picky, perfectionist this may take me some time, and a billion rough ideas..

My current portfolio is quite literally a mix of whatever I've given a go (and turned out good)! Typographic posters, digital collages, scarf designs, editorials, etc. I think I need to do more tutorials to learn some new techniques; scary to think that 1 and a half years ago I probably couldn't have drawn a square on Photoshop and hadn't even heard of Illustrator (oops)!

The collage pictured above is when I believe I first cracked Photoshop. Our graphics tutor challenged us to create a collage made from/about anything, so I scanned in a couple of Vogue adverts and editorials and made this portrait! I wasn't aiming to make anyone in particular but doesn't it look a little like Lady Gaga??

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