Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Radial Phase

This is one of the first final pieces I ever created in Illustrator (however I did revisit it a couple of days ago to just expand and perfect it ready for my portfolio!) I created it by rotating letters, numbers and other characters multiple times in a variety of fonts to create these delicate lace like layers. The pastel craze is still going strong so the colour scheme is very fashion relevant for spring; The style reminds me of Indian art, a slight hint of paisley/henna, which is also currently very fashion relevant! Thinking of creating a few more of these to make a series :)

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Wild Water

I think everyones partial to an inspirational, travelling quote poster.. This was created from the above left photo of a sea archway on the coast of Zante and also a few forest photos from a gorge in Wales :) I'm pretty happy with the outcome of the actual digital collage, I like the idea that there could be a place that looks like this in real life! The quirky fonts were downloaded from font squirrel and the photos were taken by me.

Friday, 1 March 2013

Alien // Ice Queen

I've been experimenting with digital collage recently, particularly portraits! Both original photos used in these 'Alien' and 'Ice Queen' designs are the same, and are in fact both me! What I love most about digitally edited photography and collage is the ability to make anyything; I love being amazed at how far you can take a relatively simple photograph and turn it into something beautifully complex!
The Alien Portrait was inspired by some of Dave McKean's work, particularly this piece; the alien eyes add such a mysterious twist to a portrait. The ice queen was just another theme I wanted to experiment with; the dress is made out of glitter that I'd photographed, but it reminds me of the Motel Rocks sequin dresses!