Thursday, 25 April 2013

Rainbow Nebula

Following up my current fascination with space! I loosely followed a tutorial on how to make a Helio nebula from this deviant art user, and ended up with this colourful creation! I used a range of photoshop brushes (also from the same person who created the tutorial) to build up the nebula with a range of different layers, including star fields and space dust.

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Galaxies and Crystals

Photos taken from Tumblr
I've been really fascinated by galaxies and crystals (precious stones) lately, they are both still currently featuring heavily in fashion (with galaxy print clothing and crystal jewellery), and its because something about their natural beauty really appeals. Crystals are pretty geometric, whereas galaxies are much more fluid; it's easy to be inspired to create something similarly beautiful.
Here I have created a few textures and fantasy landscapes that I believe partly encapsulate the beauty of these natural wonders...

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Fur has a face.

As my Photoshop skills get better and better, I keep wanting to revisit old work to make it better too! One of my assignments was to create an anti-fur poster for a campaign called the Fur Free Alliance; I wanted people to make the association with the fur that they wear and the face of the animal it has come from in a haunting sort of way. I think people who wear fur forget that animals are so similar to ourselves, so I created this hybrid human/coyote to blur the boundaries between species and to display that 'Fur has a face' too. The tears of blood represent pain and give the poster a morbid essence. The photos I used are so different, including their definition, lighting and colouring, so it took a bit of editing to add shadows in the correct places and tone down particular areas. The human is a photo of myself and the coyote was a stock image bought from Big Stock.