Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Fur has a face.

As my Photoshop skills get better and better, I keep wanting to revisit old work to make it better too! One of my assignments was to create an anti-fur poster for a campaign called the Fur Free Alliance; I wanted people to make the association with the fur that they wear and the face of the animal it has come from in a haunting sort of way. I think people who wear fur forget that animals are so similar to ourselves, so I created this hybrid human/coyote to blur the boundaries between species and to display that 'Fur has a face' too. The tears of blood represent pain and give the poster a morbid essence. The photos I used are so different, including their definition, lighting and colouring, so it took a bit of editing to add shadows in the correct places and tone down particular areas. The human is a photo of myself and the coyote was a stock image bought from Big Stock.

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