Wednesday, 29 May 2013

The Future

Phone case printed on request of my brother for his samsung galaxy SIII :) one of my inky electric blue inspired designs! It's quite surreal seeing something you have designed upon a real product, a real sense of pride and achievement :) My dream is to create my own brand, sort of like Cath Kidston or Kate Spade (I'm aiming very high!), and this dream is what I'm basing my Final major project on for the last year of my graphic design HND :)
I've ordered another range of iphone cases, sketchbooks, silk scarves and also some business cards, each with the patterns I have created; when they arrive in the post I'll take some photos and write a bit about the printing companies I have used to print the products :) exciting stuff!

Friday, 17 May 2013

Pink City and Electric Nights

Two new designs for an online competition hosted by Beta Fashion! Entitled Pink City and Electric Nights; The title of this project is 'Bright Light City' and the aim is to create a design that is inspired by the lights and beauty of a city at night, to be printed onto a jersey party dress.
Pink city was inspired by the view from the Museu nacional d'art de Catalunya, Barcelona, and is an illuminated, pink twist on a beautiful city landscape.
Electric Nights was inspired by a friends travelling photos of Vietnam and Tokyo at night, it includes burning bright lights on an electric blue grunge background. The grunge effect represents the rough textures of the city during the day, and how at night, they are then beautifully illuminated with electric colours.
Links to each design are here.