Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Hidden In The Cove

A typographic poster using the font Blackout and a photograph I'd taken of a small cove in Zante! I wanted to experiment with half exposing the text behind the photograph, to give the design some depth and to really make the text look included and part of it. The quote is a little dark and mysterious and begins sinking into the sea as if to suggest something lies at the bottom, or that the cove has seen mysterious occurrences and is scarred with the memories... eerie!

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Dreaming In Colour

I'm currently getting into the mindset for a new up-coming clothing project competition! I'm hoping to create some dreamy and enchanting, colourful landscape designs to enter :) I created these two designs using a mixture of the space scenes I've previously created and forest and cathedral photographs (Forest along the river Clywedog and Sagrada Familia Cathedral). Inspiration came from Carnovsky and their RGB Fabulous Landscapes project; It's truly unique and a really beautiful way of comparing and entwining the forms of architecture and nature. I'm hoping to create something equally enchanting!

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Silk Scarves // Final Graphics Display

After a busy few weeks I finally present to you my Pear Blossom Silk Scarves and HND Graphic Design Final Major Project Display! I put a lot of effort and time into the final project of my HND as I believe it was a project important for my future, as well as just trying to get a good overall grade. I researched for days about branding, manufacturing my products and also spent lots of time perfecting my designs ready for printing. Throughout preparing for my final project, I had lots of compliments from an array of people who showed a keen interest in my designs and products, from the printing companies I was enquiring to, to random instagrammers liking my product photos! :) This has really encouraged me to keep pushing on and soon, hopefully all my ideas and hard work will come together to form a little online shop, so my designs can reach you the public :) the beginning of my dream goal!