Monday, 1 September 2014

Slideshow Bob

A little bit of photography for the slideshow on my shop's front page! I've ordered a little collection of new products which I'll soon be uploading onto the site which is really exciting!!

It's so lovely to finally have a little shop to call my own, I've always admired all the little boutiques and shops from around the world that I've come across over the last 3 years (Dixi, Moon Tide, The Serpents Club, Her Tiny Teeth, Street Heart Boutique, Emma Warren, Casper & Pearl, Room 131, Crystal Cactus; To name but a few!). Each one has such a unique style and vibe!

I love this world that I've entered, of creating exclusive products that you wouldn't necessarily find on the high street. It's a great little community, everyone seems to support each other; It's hard work but just so incredibly worth it.