Tuesday, 28 October 2014

The Handy Little Bag

I have started putting together a plan for creating some little makeup bags! Always so excited to extend the Sweet As Can Be range!

Pictured above are a few example images of my patterns displayed onto a zipped bag shape. I'm still narrowing down which patterns to use but these are definitely the current favourite 4!

I'm hoping to make them about 8/10 inches long at first, then potentially in a few different sizes and styles! The perfect little bag to store and carry more than just makeup! Pencil case, small clutch bag for a night out, or even to store your gameboy and ds games in… 

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Cold Body Radiation

A few quick abstract patterns put together this evening! I tend to find that the things I create encapsulate the current mood I'm in, or the things currently on my mind. After reading a Nat Geo story on the incredible fluorescent world beneath the waves and also re-watching the amazing series that is Human Universe created by Prof. Brian Cox, I guess other worldly landscapes and bioluminescence were playing on my mind!

Luminescence is a form of cold body radiation (light not caused by heat energy) hence the title!

(P.s. it turns out that 'Cold Body Radiation' is also the name of a band… and I am now in love with them)

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Mirror Mirror...

Sunset, Seafoam, Dawn, Purple Gaze and Forest.

So. A load of these beautiees arrived in the post at work yesterday. So pleased with how they turned out; Super vibrant and a great quality print and mirror! 

I think one of the things I enjoy most about owning a little shop is naming products! It really helps give each product an even more unique vibe. I've named the above pocket mirrors as Sunset, Seafoam, Dawn, Purple Gaze and Forest! Glorious, I know ;)

My brand is new to the block and I've only been truly focused upon it for the last few months (all work is done in my spare time as I already have a full time job!); Along the way I'm discovering more about what I'd like my shop to represent and what it means to others, as well as myself.

Lots of shops and brands seem to have a theme. Some are 'mermaidy' and 'beach' themed, others are 'street' or 'vintage'. I'm into nature, travelling, and being outside, and so eager for adventure, and so inspired by different countries and cultures. (I think this really helps when I come to name things!) perhaps my theme is something that I will realise with time… I will more than likely be about to drop off to sleep tonight and have a eureka moment then have to get up and write some awesome idea down! (Doesn't that always seem to happen!?)

...At the moment I'm just simply enjoying creating pretty 'sweet' things, that people will hopefully treasure as much as I do :)

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Dreamy Notebooks

I think many fellow notebook enthusiasts will enjoy this one…

I'm so easily won over by pretty little notebooks! I have a shelf on my bookcase completely dedicated to them. I've been collecting them for as long as I can remember, each one filled with stories, song lyrics, dreams, sketches, doodles, notes and lists. (And a few empty ones that are almost too pretty to write in!).

They're so great at capturing memories. Sometimes I'll spend an evening reading through the cute stories I attempted writing at age 12, or the emotional poem written at age 16 :L and all the doodles drawn during my school years (gosh that makes me feel old!). They really do capture the heart and soul of who you used to be; It's quite sweet reading through them again and discovering how much you've changed as a person.

These little gems pictured above are now available on Sweet As Can Be! The covers are made from recycled paper which I love.. always trying to be as sustainable as possible ;) ! Perfect for doodling, sketching, note taking or just staring at... like I sometimes do!

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Photographing Scarves For The Shop

I spent this afternoon photographing my scarves again! A designer friend suggested using additional photos to show how the scarves would look 'tied', and I think it helps displays them so much better! The above shot is my Lime & Purple square silk scarf.

I have so many ideas floating around, I've 'almost' lost track of what I'm working on next! I have a few new products on their way to me which I'll be adding to the shop veryy soon. (Some great stocking fillers for Christmas ;) it's only 80 days away!).

I've also been completed fascinated with jewellery design; I've found some incredible independent jewellery crafters on Instagram recently including Katy Fletcher Designs, The Serpents Club and Made By Fleur (who I found today!). So, naturally, I attempted to make something myself! I have never been an overly crafty person, so don't exactly have many supplies hanging around, or a pro jewellery design kit with a blow torch or anything fancy.. But what I did have was lots of fabric off cuts! I plaited together some fabric and just completely loved how it looked, so this is now my next project! If you'd like to keep up to date with my progress with it check out the shops Instagram account @Sweetascanbeshop :)