Sunday, 12 October 2014

Dreamy Notebooks

I think many fellow notebook enthusiasts will enjoy this one…

I'm so easily won over by pretty little notebooks! I have a shelf on my bookcase completely dedicated to them. I've been collecting them for as long as I can remember, each one filled with stories, song lyrics, dreams, sketches, doodles, notes and lists. (And a few empty ones that are almost too pretty to write in!).

They're so great at capturing memories. Sometimes I'll spend an evening reading through the cute stories I attempted writing at age 12, or the emotional poem written at age 16 :L and all the doodles drawn during my school years (gosh that makes me feel old!). They really do capture the heart and soul of who you used to be; It's quite sweet reading through them again and discovering how much you've changed as a person.

These little gems pictured above are now available on Sweet As Can Be! The covers are made from recycled paper which I love.. always trying to be as sustainable as possible ;) ! Perfect for doodling, sketching, note taking or just staring at... like I sometimes do!

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