Friday, 16 January 2015

ASOS Marketplace Boutique!

The Bag, Scarf and Phone Case ranges can now be found on ASOS Marketplace, as well as the Sweet As Can Be website!

I've been working on lots of outdoor photography for the boutique! I have to squeeze in photography sessions on weekends, as I currently work a 9-5, daylight photography on week days in winter isn't really an option! ASOS Marketplace requires product photographs to include a model and to be taken in natural daylight, so I took a trip to Rococco Gardens in Painswick last Sunday to take a few shots of the scarves! It's great to see them in a natural setting! Lot's of old stone walls and archways provided great backdrops for a little photography shoot! Hoping to take another trip there during the Spring when it's a little less cold for modelling!

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