Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Enchanting Landscapes 6 - Electric Dusk

Afon Mellte, Ystradfellte, Brecon Beacons, Wales
I took a walk along the River Mellte in the Brecon Beacons on Easter Monday; It boasts some impressive Waterfalls (perfect for enchanting landscapes photography!), including the Sgwd Clun-Gwyn, and disappears for about a quarter of a mile underground into a series of caves and channels, until it pours out into an area called the Blue Pool and carries on with its journey above ground.

As the river idles lazily to its next set of falls, the banks begin to flatten out and the steep sides are replaced by gentle slopes of bright green moss, and are lined by overhanging trees and quaint little meadows; The scenery became even more enchanting as the sun began to set and the water became a deep sapphire blue as it reflected the darkening skies.

In the landscape above, I have given the water and trees a slight glow which makes them appear to be emitting a bioluminescence, it definitely reminds me of Avatar again! There are so many interesting Celtic fairy tales, I imagine quaint river scenes like this feature in many of them!

The Blue Pool
The word 'Afon' means River in Welsh, and 'Mellte' is derived from the word Mellt which means lightning. Hence the title Electric Dusk :)

Saturday, 4 April 2015

Keeping Notes on Travel Tips, Advice & Local Knowledge

I follow a Lot of travel bloggers and photographers on Instagram, Twitter etc. and I love trawling through travel boards on Pinterest every now and then to discover new places.

The thing is, when reading all of these blog posts, and finding these hidden gems on Pinterest, I find out a lot of amazing tips, useful brands and local knowledge, and never end up remembering them; For example, an off the beaten track trail that leads to a secret waterfall, or an excursion company that can take you on tours of the coast of Svalbard and Greenland. Not to mention when talking to friends and family who have travelled, they are full of tips and tricks, things to avoid and recommendations.

Creating a Pinterest board to collate them all doesn't quite do to the trick, as I want a more uniformed way of viewing actual notes (and something that doesn't require internet connection to access!) so it's a great excuse to put pen to paper :)

Images taken from Blogs, Sites and Instagrams linked below

I decided that I'll keep a little journal of all the advice I learn, something small that I can carry around with me and add to at anytime, to help make sure that when I'm travelling, I can refer back to these notes and get the most out of the time I spend in a particular destination and experience something unique! So, I have now started to keep all of these pointers and tips I collect into one of my Blossom notebooks

I know that when travelling, part of the experience is to discover new things for yourself; But I think by noting down helpful tidbits about your favourite destinations, it helps you to, of course remember them, but it also helps you come across something you might not have stumbled upon on your own :)

A few of the travel blogs I love, follow regularly, and pick up lots of tips from are…
Tuula Vintage
The Travel Hack
A Bikini A Day
Our Open Road