Monday, 31 August 2015

You Are All The Colours In One

I made a quick little typography poster with a quote that really resonated with me recently! 10 points if you know where it's from……!?

Since I'm sure 99% of you may not have the foggiest, it's from a book called All The Bright Places (by Jennifer Niven), and it's a quote from one of the main characters. It's a really moving YA book and it touches on a subject that's often avoided and never really discussed in detail in most books, I'd definitely recommend it!

It had quite a few really wonderful quotes, but this was definitely a favourite; It makes me picture that the person being described is so full of life and meaning that they emit their own other worldly light and it's completely overwhelming. What a lovely way to describe someone :)

To create the background I overlaid a photo of turquoise blue waters over a photograph from my wildflower photo sesh! It's created a kind of psychedelic, marble pattern :)

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