Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Home Sweet Home // Etsy Ceramic & Cement Planter Haul

I got ever so slightly carried away on Etsy recently, and bought a small collection of 4 planters. (I only needed two, but y'know, they're all so preetty). I spend quite a bit of time on Etsy, tending to my own shop, and am therefore, forever, being drawn in to other listings of the most beautifully unique things!

I bought a pair of succulents from designer Oh No Rachio's website a few weeks ago (I had absolutely no idea that plants could be posted!? Uhmazin) and had yet to find them a permanent home.

I had initially tried to find some pretty pots in HomeSense, because I love their quirky products, but alas I couldn't find any in there! So I took to Etsy, and I'm glad I did, because I think it's always much nicer to support smaller, independent sellers!

There are SO many beautiful ceramic pieces on Etsy at the moment; Quite a few of my favourite shops are based in the US (potterylodge -  theobjectenthusiast), however I was slightly wary of postage costs, so opted for a few pieces from sellers closer to home!

I finally decided upon a beautifully glazed Purple Flower Pot and Spiky Sea Urchin Planter from Oli's Cupboard, based in the Czech Republic. And also two Marbled, Mixed Porcelain Cement Planters from SORTLondon! They're so insanely pretty and unique! Perfect little statement pieces for a windowsill or shelf. You should definitely check out their other creations! 
Now I need to get planting and find myself two more succulents to join the clan!