Sunday, 29 November 2015

A morning of ASOS Marketplace photography with Emma Warren Design!

I spent yesterday morning hanging out with pigeons ^ and modelling on a little photo shoot for Emma's newest AW Collection!! Despite the freezing cold, windy weather (I'm 100% sure it was sleeting) we both got some really great shots :) Her new collection features cute and sassy embroidered slogan tee's and cosy jumpers! I'm so madly in love with the 'Lost in Wonderland' tee *insert heart eyes emoji*. 

I also nabbed a few shots of Emma with the Blossom Scarves and Floral Clutch bags :) the designs contrasted really well against her wintery outfit and the leather in particular! It really helps to display how they can be styled during the winter months :)

I've never modelled before, but don't think I look too awkward or hilarious :L Emma's tees definitely make me look cooler than I am. You definitely need to check them out! And also...