Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Taking product photos for Etsy

I spent Saturday morning taking new photographs of a few of my existing creations for the Etsy shop! I really wanted the new collection I'm designing (so exciting!!) to tie in with my previous work, so decided to hint at the theme of my new designs within these photos! I've included a few of the objects that inspired it, including shells, crystals & plants :)

I'm not too sure if you can tell, but I Love white space. Like a lot. So I've used a white background for the photos! I feel it helps to balance the bright colours of my designs really well and also I'm just a huge fan of minimalism! I think it also really helps to draw the viewers attention straight to the focal point, your designs. It's uncluttered, clean, fresh and honest :) 


  1. It's beautiful and I love the colour you went for in the end!
    : P | Follow me

  2. I am quite interesting in the top one you posted here. It looks like the perfect bag to align with my website for my annual summer giveaway of cosmetics. I was wondering if you had any photos of the inside of the bag as well? Also curious about what type of material its made of. ( I messaged you via Etsy)

    Chrissy of crashbeauty