Saturday, 9 July 2016

New Collection: Beach meets Desert!

 After creating Sweet As Can Be (a w-hopping 2 years ago now!) I feel like I became caught up in the whirlwind of processes involved in running a small business (insurance, tax returns, market stalls, photography, marketing, social media, the list goes on!) not to mention having another full time job. I realised I hadn't actually made time to dive back into the creative process and design new things.
I know that I'm only a small business at the moment, and I don't really have the resources or the exposure to release collections and new designs every few months like the fast paced fashion brands that rule the markets. However I still felt like it was important to at least be designing on a much more regular basis.

After talking to other creatives about how they juggle a business alongside other work commitments and family, I discovered how extremely important it is to set aside time to allow yourself to become fully immersed in the experimental and messy world of creating. You don't have to end each day with a breathtaking piece of art; But just experiment with different mediums that you may not have tried before, like gouache, pastels, sewing. It will help you stay inspired and will help keep you in that positive, creative mindset that will allow you to create your next amazing project.

I'm crazily in love with all things floral, particularly all the British flowers incorporated into my first collection. However this time around, I decided to venture slightly out of my comfort zone with the designs I created for 'Beach meets Desert'.
I've experimented with unusual Photoshop effects to create my new 'Sunrise Abalone' swirl pattern, and re-discovered the world of repeat patterns (uniformity used to scare me when creating patterns!) and created my Cacti on Pink design.
 I wanted to create a collection that ventured towards the coast (particularly seashells and sunrise horizons) but I also wanted to retain a hint of abstract mysticism, that I feel is starting to become my particular style. I also wanted to add in a dose of botanical vibes with the use of cacti, that we now so readily associate with hot summers and desert festivals.

The inspiration. A pastel sunset and the Welsh coastline

Designing this collection felt like quite a big step as it was the first set of patterns I had created whilst having my little shop already up and running, and after having a lapse in pattern creating for a few months, it was interesting to see what I created! 

Creating something is such a unique feeling, it has its scientific benefits (think the calming, stress-relieving colouring books that have popped up everywhere recently!) and it also tells a subtle story about yourself; the memories and stories that have influenced you will wind their way into the work you create, it displays how you visualise the world around you. Pretty neat :) ... anyway, I hope you love what I've created! All new designs can be found on my Etsy!

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