Saturday, 17 September 2016

Hiking Cadair Idris in Snowdonia National Park

I spent the recent Bank holiday weekend camping (how British!) in the mountains with my friend Erika from Tatra Cottage and her partner Joe. We each have a great appreciation of the outdoors and love spending time outside, particularly in a tent! I think I could probably, quite happily live in a tent forever (not saying I want to.. but I could!).

We stayed for two nights at Cwmrhwyddfor Campsite, a name I don't think I'll ever be able to successfully pronounce. It was situated in a perfect location for hiking Cadair, as it was a short walk to the trail start from the campsite entrance, and the views of the mountains from the tent itself were pretty darn majestic.

The site had all your basic needs covered, toilets/washing facilities, flat ground and firewood! (one big bag for a fee of £4). It was my first time camping with an actual campfire and I think the scent of wood smoke followed me around for a few days after (yes, I did shower!), but I absolutely loved it, it felt like 'proper' camping.

On the hike itself, the peak was shrouded in thick fog when we neared, obscuring the ultimate view we had hoped to see from the top; View or not, it still felt good to reach the summit alive. (I am wayy more unfit than I thought). To save ourselves time on the descent back down to ground level we decided to take a wee short-cut down a slightly less travelled path, which quite honestly, to me, looked like a sheer drop from the mountain edge into the mist filled expanse below. 'Me - "We're going down this way!?"

We climbed down between a narrow crag in the mountain side with a drop positioned on our right, which was, probably for the better, hidden by the mist. After sliding ourselves carefully down over dewy grass and between foot and hand holds in the rock, we eventually emerged from the clouds onto the eye-wateringly steep mountainside and began a timid (when I say timid, I mean it was just me, who was slightly freaking out) winding climb down through streams of slate, steep grassy verges and marshy ground. We arrived at the lake side (after many photography stops) and I actually gave a granite boulder a little pat to thank the mountain that I had made it down, intact and the right way up.

It was an awesome experience and nothing had quite prepared me for the climb; I love walking/ambling, and thought hiking Cadair would be a joyous walk in the park (no pun intended), but the humidity, which I'm using as my excuse... and the sheer scale of the mountain made it a real challenge. I am in need of waheyy more practice! I have a new found love for the mountains :)

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