Hey there! The name's Hannah Sweet,  I'm a graphic designer and also the gal behind the shop and blog Sweet As Can Be!

A teeny tiny bit about me…

I can't walk past purple flowers without photographing them. I live in high-waisted jeans, and feel most at home when listening to 70's and 80's music.

The Sweet Story

The name Sweet As Can Be was actually partially influenced by the lyrics of a Peter Gabriel song called 'Sledgehammer' (strange huh? It's a strange song!), plus I also have a pretty funky surname to make the most of! (Thanks Dad!)

I studied Graphic Design in 2013 and developed a pretty classic and minimalist style, but in my spare time I found myself playing around with brightly coloured patterns and creating these incredibly vibrant and otherworldly designs.

I remember the exact moment I created my first 'signature' pattern. It had deep, icy blues and fiery oranges, and it looked like a swirling mix of chaos but also clarity. It was a bit like "wow, where did That, come from!" It was a sudden realisation that I absolutely loved making these swirling, free-spirited patterns. And I wanted to share it. So I created Sweet As Can Be, and haven't looked back since! 

I take inspiration from natural objects and scenes, think flowers, seashells, floral, fauna, forests and dreamy landscapes. I like noticing things out in nature, even simple things, like the way sunlight filters through mist or the dew drops on grass, I like to think all these tiny perspectives, of seeing the world up close, transpires and winds its way in to my patterns. That attention to detail, to nature.